Escape room

החדר נסגר ב 31.1.18

אל תפספסו את מבצע הסגירה שלנו:

300₪ לקבוצה עד 6 אנשים

זוג 240 ש”ח

אין כפל הנחות ומבצעים

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סיפור החדר



  • 2 משתתפים ש"ח , 130 לאדם
  • 3 משתתפים ש"ח , 110 לאדם
  • 4 משתתפים ש"ח , 100 לאדם
  • 5 משתתפים ש"ח , 90 לאדם
  • 6 משתתפים ש"ח , 85 לאדם
  • כל שחקן נוסף 80 ש"ח

בעת ביצוע הזמנת מקום תתבקשו לשלם מקדמה של 100 ש"ח. הזמנה שלא תשולם עבורה מקדמה לא תאושר.

  • * 10% הנחה לסטודנטים לחיילים בשירות (ממחיר מלאה)
  • * ילדים עד גיל 14 חייבים בליווי מבוגר
  • * קבוצות ילדים חייבות בליווי מבוגר
  • אין כפל מבצעים
  • במקרה של ההזמנה של פחות מ-12 שעות לפני המשחק חובה לוודא טלפונית שההזמנה נקלטה.
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  • כללי בטיחות

Tips for beginners in an Escape room.

An Escape room, is a much desired activity for the past two years. It’s is a social game, in which two to six participants try to find clues and objects in order to solve all puzzles of the room, solve the story’s mystery and leave the room within one hour.
You arose in the morning and finally realized it was your time to come out and play? Excellent! How will you make the best out of the experience of your first Escape room?
Select the room carefully – because of the large supply of Escape rooms in Israel, it will be pretty easy to find one that’s available. Even so, because this is your first time, you may want to contact the business first and to review the level of its difficulty; there are rooms for groups whom are looking for a challenge because “they’ve already been around the block a few times”. It will be a shame if you accidently choose an Escape room that is not right for you.
Listen! – Chose a room?! Excellent! Now you are sitting in front of an Escape room guide that explains about the Escape room which you will soon get in to. Listen carefully to the handbook guidelines: what you can and can’t do in the room, the plot is very critical. If you do not know exactly what happened or what you must find, you will be lost in the room and it will take a few minutes till you actually start the game.
Spread out – now you go in face first. It’s time to explore: explore all that comes across your path, check everything except items that are written about them that are not a part of the game. Be sure to examine every detail, check small places and even the slimmest. Even if there is a book – flip through it, look in the mirror, move heavy objects (Unless they are not part of the game. (
Be sure play to nice – partnership is an essential part of an Escape room. Try to maintain an active communication – if you looked on a shelf or a table and found nothing, be sure to inform the other members of the group that you already checked it. If you have found a new clue or object, call everyone and try to solve the puzzle together – that usually shortens the process considerably.
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